Mears goes Mobile

Mears is one of the UK’s leading housing and care providers to both the public and private sector, with over 6,500 employees, working with clients to help develop, fund and implement their placemaking ambitions.

Mears Group is always looking for innovative ways to help its people work together to improve the communities they serve. To empower thousands of employees across the UK to share ideas and updates on their local projects, workplaceon provided a social business network with digital tools to streamline collaboration.

Mobile-first design for a mobile-first organisation

Using workplaceon, Mears have been able to transform a distributed organisation into a tight-knit community. Inspiring employees to engage with their peers via a variety of engagement tools, such as the innovative Social Feed, Content Hubs and People Search; they've brought desktop-class software to every colleague on their company mobile device.

During the initial conversations with Mears, it was clear to see that optimising the experience on mobile was absolutely paramount so they needed a company branded, white labeled mobile application. Something they could get all of their colleagues excited about. With the help of their very own Customer Success Manager, we helped Mears to design and launch their own mobile app and set about working on the implementation strategy.

Mears felt reassured that rolling out workplaceon to all of their existing employees was going to be straight-forward. They had an implementation plan, their very own Customer Success Manager and a network of 'Digital Champions' on hand to provide any technical assistance if needed.

But what about new employees? How did Mears ensure that all new employees made the most out of this investment?

That's where our employee pre-boarding and on-boarding experience came in.

Thanks to workplaceon, we’re building a thriving digital community within Mears. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What is employee pre-boarding and on-boarding?

Integrated with Mears' HR system Workday, we were able to provide a seamless experience for new starters.

It starts with pre-boarding, where all new employees are able to access certain information such as policy documents using our Document Management tool, meet members of their team inside a closed Content Hub and confirm all of their personal information is correct in their very own Personal Profile.

Once they've joined the company, Mears employees can access workplaceon on their new company device and start the on-boarding process. This is just a few simple questions to understand their interests, work area and to tell them more about the company. They are invited to read and confirm acceptance of some policies and procedures and are finally given full access so they can introduce themselves to their new colleagues!

MearsConnect - Mears Group's white-labeled experience using workplaceon

Any tool for the job

Mears Group relies on workplaceon to help communicate with every colleague no matter what device they use to do their job. With a customisable web application and a mobile app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices, employees can get the information they need on whatever device they choose.

The platform can be configured in many different ways depending on the access and security needs of the organisation. Using our white-label offering, Aibel chose to make their mobile app available in public app stores so that employees could download the app to their personal devices but added the security of Single Sign-on so that access was managed by their internal IT team.

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