Pre Boarding: The essential tool to keep new hires.

Pre-boarding is an effective way to introduce new hires to your company and culture.

Pre-boarding is an effective way to introduce new hires to your company and culture. Staying in touch with a future employee after they accept your offer helps prevent no-shows and sets them up to hit the ground running on day one.

You know the story

You have enthusiastic new hire super keen to start; they have handed their notice into their current employer.

Your H.R. team send a contract to sign great we will see them in 6 weeks.

But the days go by, weeks sometimes months for them to see new opportunities and be tempted away with other job offers or even their current employer convinces them to stay.

Then the dreaded email telling you they have accepted a different role only a few days before their start date.

It is all too common in today’s workplace. We live in a hyper-connected world. More than ever before new technology allows us to gain access to job opportunities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Potential employees have the recruitment world literally at their fingertips before accepting your role they signed up with Linked In, Job boards and newsletters.

Yet too many companies rely on outdated and poorly traditional tools and communication channels.

Hiring new staff member costs more than just their salary. The Estimated average cost in the U.K. for a new hire is £3,000 before they even walk through the door.

Your role is to engage with your new hire, but how?

This is solved with pre-boarding your new hires Welcoming and preparing them to join your company before their first day of employment.

Statistics show that the engagement levels of a new hire who has just accepted a new job can be the highest the employee will ever be. So it’s up to you to capitalise on this as soon as possible.

Let’s explore the benefits of pre-boarding

How was your first day? oh it was…..dull

It’s your new hires first day they remember all the things you told them at the interview.

But that was weeks ago, and things have changed new policies are in place, the team has altered your too busy on the project that is running behind so you do the worst thing so many employees do!

You say “why don’t you read through these documents and policies while I.T. gets you a laptop, phone set up”.


Pre-boarding involves engaging with a new hire between the time they accept your offer and their first day.

  • Pre-board starts and completes before an employee’s first day.

Pre-boarding vs Onboarding what’s the difference?

On-boarding usually involves enrolling in the benefits program, setting up with their IT equipment and adding to payroll.

But many onboarding tasks can usually be accomplished during the pre-boarding process.

For example, getting your new hire order their new uniform so its ready day one will save time when they come into the office.

The goal is to make your new employee feel engaged, introduce them to the team and company culture. You want to reduce any uncertainty they feel excited and ready when they come in for day one.

Remember our new hire that was still signed up for the job boards pre-boarding can confirm commitment to your company.

Getting a company app were other new starters can engage and their soon to be coworkers makes them feel like they’re officially part of your team.

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